Monday, 27 June 2011

New Designers exhibition 2011

I will be exhibiting a small selection of my 'Filthy Gorgeous London' graduation show work, with the other LCC BA Surface Design graduates, at the New Designers exhibition this week. The show is on from this Wednesday until Saturday at the Business Design Centre in Islington:

Please come along to see the finest emerging talent before they get snapped up by the design industries!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Final show day photos

I like the colours created by the light that are not normally visible in the fabrics.

Copyright 2011 James Hollerbach

Kathy Schicker @ my degree show

Yesterday I gave Kathy Schicker, from the innovative design collective Puff & Flock, a guided tour of the LCC Surface Design show:

The internship I did with Puff & Flock last year was not only creative, but also inspired me to think more 'openly' about the work I can attempt to create and subsequently had an influence on the final year of my degree.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Further 'Filthy Gorgeous London' graduation show photos

'When You're Walking Down the Street' Deconstructed Shirt Dress

'You Better Move When You're Swaying Round the Room' knee length, screen printed, mixed media shift dress

I really like this old inspection lead-light...

I feel it not only fits the aesthetic, but also has so much more character than most new one's on the market.

The lights float up like snakes from under the floor cloth.

Although the fabric dresses were modelled & mannequins were considered for display, the suspension of the garments was chosen so that the clothes had a floating ghostly quality (that also allowed them to continously spin slowly on the wires to create revolving shadows).

Copyright 2011 James Hollerbach

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My 'Filthy Gorgeous London' (BA Surface Design) graduation show

(the view from the corridor outside my space/room)

(When You're Walking Down The Street) Deconstructed Shirt dress
Machine sewed, then dyed calico toile (for knee length shift dress); unstitched collars, cuffs, short and long sleeves from cotton mens shirts, machine dyed and screen printed with Selectasine pigment and both opaque & transparent binder's; these deconstructed shirt parts were then hand sewn onto the toile.

You Better Move When You're Swaying Round The Room knee-length paper shift dress (centre)
Screen printed (with acrylic pigments) mixed media, conceptual one-off garment (cut from original shift dress pattern).

'Filthy Gorgeous London' Final Major Project sketchbooks

Anti-feminine rag dress
Black linen knee-length shift dress, machine sewed with full cotton lining; machine dyed dusters, dish-cloths and flannels (all cotton) screen printed with Selectasine pigments and opaque binder; the rags were then hand sewn onto the shift dress.

The floor covering below these dresses was the cotton backing cloth from the printing table used to print the deconstructed mens shirts, printed with the same screens and pigments. Then dyed and buried underground for 2 weeks, before being dug up and allowed to mold.

The People That You Meet knee-length shift dress (detail).
Hand drawn, painted and constructed mixed-media conceptual one-off garment (cut from original shift dress pattern).

Copyright 2011 James Hollerbach